Bad ass skull cuff links in sterling silver

1.125 inches | sterling silver | silver
Unique, handmade, and absolutely bad ass, these cuff links have skulls that were sawed by hand from 18 gauge sterling silver with a jewelry saw and fused to pure sterling silver links using high quality silver solder and an acetylene torch to create a bond far superior to glue and plated cuff links. The eyes and nasal cavity on the skulls were cut out before soldering the skulls to a 1.125 inch 18 gauge backing disc and applying a black patina to capture the shadow effect. The surfaces were hand finished with a wire brush to reveal a vibrant silver glow while preserving the raw appearance of unpolished sterling silver for an added bad ass industrial touch.

The skulls measure 1.125 inch in diameter and feature pure sterling silver links that will fit a standard shirt. Perfect for a bad ass motorcycle wedding, rocker wedding, Goth theme, or just for a little fun around Halloween, these cuff links need no introduction.

Custom orders and special requests are always welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact me or call my shop phone 575.737.8521 to discuss any custom designs or questions. Thanks.. Nici

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