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Modern Bracelet in Square Shape Thick 925 Sterling Silver

  • $19500

Melding modern flair with the impressive beauty of thick solid sterling silver, this sterling silver bracelet ventures into the realms of intrigue by departing from the standard half round or rounded rectangular wire and instead captivates with a unique square shape that offers ultramodern precision through pronounced linear boldness to appeal to both men and women in search of a statement piece.


Unique to this bracelet design, all 4 sides can be stamped or engraved with text, sayings, words, and lettering thereby allow almost infinity options for customization or personalization.


In keeping with the modern theme, the bracelet was burnished to a satin finish in order accentuate the industrial form and design, however mirror finishes or rustic over working with steel wool are also available upon request. After completion of the square bracelet design, the band is shaped into a bracelet by tapping over a wooden mandrel using a nylon mallet. For maximum comfort and a classy appearance, the end tabs and edges have been filed smooth.


As photographed, this cuff bracelet measures 6 inches long by 7mm face widths and can be ordered in any length for a personalized fit, by entering your wrist circumference or bracelet size in the check out notes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requests. Thanks.. Nici and RJ