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Howling Wolf under the Moon Necklace

  • $13000

Working with natural themes and one of my personal favorite designs, this Howling Wolf Necklace features a sterling silver wolf and brass moon fused to a copper backing medallion. Each element is sawed entirely by hand using a fine fret saw and outlined with a dark patina to create a transition between each metal.

► The copper medallion measures approximately 1.3 inches in diameter and hangs from an adjustable US sourced black leather cord with slip knots. Ball chains and sterling silver link chains are also available upon request.

►To personalize your medallion with engraving on the backside such as names and dates for those creative gift ideas, simply enter your requests in the checkout notes.

►The necklace was handcrafted by sawing the wolf from from 18 gauge sterling silver and moon from 20 gauge brass, pressing the medallion disc from 17 gauge hard copper, and joining the elements using an acetylene torch and sterling silver solder. Extensive polishing allows the grooves along with transitional boundaries to remain dark for added contrast that also serves to create dimension.

►We also welcome custom orders and can create similar medallions with any personalized themes or stones.