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Bronze Bypass Ring with Sleek Modern Styling and Golden Shine

  • $2500

Twisting a sleek modern ring around your finger, this bronze bypass ring was crafted with a focus on the beauty of simplicity and uninterrupted golden shine of polished bronze with a mirror finish. While the ring was intended as a concentration on basic form and function, there is plenty of space to change the design into a hand stamped or engraved ring with a personalized message by entering your requests in the notes to seller box at check out. Bronze is also a popular metal for celebrating the 8th or bronze anniversary.

To create this modern ring, a flat band of 20 gauge bronze was sheared 10mm wide on one end and tapered down to 3mm over a length of about 3 inches. All edges were rounded and filed before placing the ring diagonally oriented over a steel ring mandrel and shaping with a nylon mallet to produce the bypass ring shape. Given the unusual shape, polishing to a mirror finish can only be completed by hand using a series of cloths in ever decreasing grit until finally polishing with a 15,000 grit to capture that mirror finish that produces unique distorted reflections across the curved surface.

Bypass rings are considered adjustable and will fit one full ring size up or down from the size 7 shown here in the photograph. If you would like a custom size, just let us know in the check out notes along with any other requests such as the custom messages.

Bronze is an alloy of primarily tin and copper as such all bronze will eventually tarnish like copper, but can simply be restored by polishing with a soft cloth. Personally we like the look of aged bronze and do not automatically apply a coating of wax, however if tarnishing is a concern, you can request a wax coating and we will be more than happy to seal the ring. Keep in mind though, the wax will mute that mirror finish a bit. Like all of my rings, this modern ring can also be custom ordered in 14k gold. Please contact me any time for current market prices for gold.

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Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici