Custom Logos and Designs for Impact Stamping

Custom Logos and Designs


For larger projects and corporate orders such as 500 custom guitar picks with a corporate logo, we offer professional grade metal stamping using a precision EDM Rammed Steel Imprint pressed with a 5 ton impact press. 

impact press

 The Outline of Our Process

  1. Contact us with a basic design idea and outline the requirements (metal, leather, size...)
  2. Once the design is finalized, we will send a proof before committing to a third party EDM Ramming
  3. Upon completion of the steel logo stamp, we press a physical proof to send to our clients
  4. After the final run, the custom metal stamp is returned to the client along with the stamped pieces
metal stamp

Advantages of Metal Stamping

  • Compared to laser engraving, machined stamps will yield better results in terms of definition, uniformity, and depth which allows for more finishing options.
  • After the initial investment in the metal stamp, future production runs can be scaled from just a few pieces to large batches


For a quote please call our shop at 575,737.8521 during business hours or send us a contact message.