E-Commerce Solutions for Artists and Boutiques - Getting Crafty with Code

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Art is not just for hanging on the Wall

At NiciArt, we believe Art should transcend stereotyping and the boundaries of any one particular means of expression to include all creative processes such as designing with code. 

What we can offer Artists and Boutiques



Both NiciArt and Nici's Picks are based on Shopify's liquid templates. Most Shopify themes offer amazing aesthetics directly out of the box with little customization required, however many users might find they are forced into a particular style of presentation or the template functionality needs to be tailored for a better fit. Subscription based services are an excellent solution for larger shops with extremely dynamic content, but smaller boutiques are often better served with just a one time solution.

NiciArt can:

  • Integrate most apps that require editing the liquid code
  • Adjust the CSS, Styling, and Fonts
  • Expand theme functionality to include blogs, content, banners, buttons, and menus
  • Modify theme layouts
  • Integrate functions such as newsletter sign ups or email
  • Install Google Analytics, Pinterest, Facebook codes
  • Adjust spacing and alignment

... or get downright crafty with code to make personalized statements that set your Shopify site apart from the competition.

 Additional service areas include:

  • Wordpress themes
  • WooCommerce
  • Gimp plugins
  • NFS and Samba networking
  • Apache Webserver
  • Compiling and source editing of Linux drivers, applications, kernels, and system utilities including SANE, CUPS, and Network drivers
  • Ubuntu Server and BSDs for Webhosting
  • Linux and POSIX compliant OSes


Technological History of NiciArt

In 2006, running an e-commerce site often meant self hosting Wordpress or a cart solution such as OpenCart, wrestling with MYSQL, and either editing the existing PHP or getting down an dirty with writing pages of code from scratch. Our first site debuted in late 2006 with just our Space Paintings on a self hosted OpenCart site powered off a spare Pentium running Slackware Linux with an Apache Webserver. Our static IP and ADSL through Qwest was so painfully slow, browsing higher resolution images was a tedious task.

By 2009, we had moved to Etsy and eventually re-opened NiciArt on SupaDupa E-Commerce. In 2015, NiciArt was briefly self-hosted on WooCommerce before switching back to SupaDupa. Our huge project in 2016 was migrating NiciArt to Shopify, customizing our templates, and seamlessly moving over 1000 products to the new site without interruption.

The choice to power our computers with Linux and eventually Ubuntu Mate was a carry over from my days of programming while studying Environmental Engineering at Rutgers University in NJ. Not wanting to walk 25 minutes in the freezing cold across the campus for my morning Fortran Lab, I installed Turbo Linux on an IBM Optima in order to sit comfortably warm in the dorm with a coffee in hand and the new F90 Compiler while my classmates enjoyed life in front of the cluster.

Once divorced from my beloved DOS and Windows for Workgroups, I simply never felt comfortable returning to Win 95 or Win 98 and stayed with Linux in spite of the command line and having to work around proprietary drivers. Today, NiciArt has mutliple NFS servers that back up our product libraries as well as two desktops with 42" monitors for design work and we follow developments in Apache HAWK MPP as a side hobby. While I do pine for the good old days of phone booths and meeting up with friends to share a drink before social media, it's hard to find any nostalgia for CRT Displays and Floppy Disks. E-Commerce has truly made our online business possible and will continue to be the future of marketing.


How to order a small or big job from NiciArt

To request a quote or proposal for services, simply send us a contact message outlining your specific requirements. If you have a website, please include a link so that we can better review your specific goals. Of course, we also enjoy speaking with our customers on the phone, so feel free to give us a call any time on our shop phone 575.737.8521. Thanks.. RJ