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A Paw for the Animal Love in Custom Sterling Silver Heart Charm Necklace

  • $6500

Handcrafted for the animal lover, this custom heart charm necklace features a delicate paw cut out design in an impressive 10 gauge 925 sterling silver to meld distinction with the irresistible and endearing love we share with our animal companions.


Sawed freehand from 2mm thick sterling silver, the heart shape embodies the one of a kind character of handmade that defies mechanized precision yet manages to boast refinement through the choice of high caliper materials and the skills of crafting. Each paw was cut individually by punching a small hole in the heart, feeding a blade through the pilot hole, and then cutting with a fine frett saw in a technique known as pierce and cut. After completing the cut outs, the charm is hand polished to perfection by taking incremental steps using a ever finer grit cloths until reaching either a satin or mirror finish depending on customer preferences.


Concentrating on “cuteness” and dainty carefully balanced with powerfully wild in statement, a fine silver link chain was selected to offer discernment without distraction from the charm as our focal point. If you prefer a more southwestern rustic appearance, you can also request a black leather cord with adjustable slip knots in the check out notes.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici