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Adjustable Handstamped Sterling Silver Bangle with Personalized Messages

  • $7500

Created as my unique design to produce a more flexible bangle that suits a large range of sizes for gifts or occasions where sized bangles are not desired, this sterling silver bangle allows for easy adjustment, a tighter fit, and takes some of the mystery out of buying a perfectly sized bangle. Handmade from thick 2 mm high quality sterling silver, the bangle has just enough spring to be squeezed together or pulled apart while the thick sterling silver retains the round bangle shape. As photographed, “Love” and “You” were handstamped on the ends, however your bangle can be engraved or stamped with your own personalized message and ordered in any size by entering your text requests along with either an exact or approximate bangle size in the check out notes.

The flat bangle band was cut 5 mm wide from 12 gauge sterling silver in length (x), placed diagonally over a wooden bracelet mandrel, and hammered into a round bangle leaving the ends open using a nylon mallet. A black patina was brushed into the lettering for legibility from afar and the sterling silver polished with a series of increasing grit polishing cloths to a high lustre mirror finish. The edges were filed smooth and tapered for a comfortable fit and classy appearance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call or shop any time with questions and special requests.