Aluminum 1/2 inch 18 gauge discs qty 5

Perfect for charms, these blank aluminum discs were pressed one at a time in a 1/2 inch diameter from 18 gauge aluminum, deburred with smooth edges, and prepared with a basic preproduction finish to remove deep scratches and imperfections for immediate use directly out of the packaging without filing.

For my own aluminum pendants and charms, I use 18 gauge aluminum since the metal is thick enough for double sided stamping and engraving without the letters, designs, or numbers punching through to the opposite side. This 5052 series food-grade aluminum provides increased resistance to tarnishing, has excellent finishing quality, and is slightly harder than 1000 and 3000 series thereby allowing for cleaner stamping with less stray marring.

Custom orders and special requests are always welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact or call me at 575.737.8521 with questions or to discuss custom stamping blanks. We also gladly make custom dies, mass quantities, and accommodate rushed orders. Thanks.. Nici

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