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Dad tie bar in aluminum for you to personalize

Dad tie bar in aluminum for you to personalize

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Handmade for a special dad, this tie bar was cut from 18 gauge aluminum as a flat band, stamped with dad, and formed into a tie bar by hand bending the aluminum around a small cylindrical piece of steel. A black patina was brushed into the dad for contrast against the silver glow of the aluminum before filing the edges and rounding the end tabs. A uniform satin finish was produced by tumbling the tie bar in organic walnut shell for 24 hours.

Measuring 2.1 inches long by .25 inch wide, this tie bar is a common size formed by folding a flat 4.2 inch long band. You can personalize your tie bar with additional text, dates, sayings, names, and short phrases by entering your special requests in the notes to seller section during check out.


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