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Amber Moon over Mountains Handmade Sterling Silver Bracelet

  • $32500

Capturing nightfall over the mountains with endless intrigue and splendor melded with a romantic idealization of nature, this unique sterling silver cuff bracelet embodies the spirit of artisan crafting inspired by the elegance of natural landscapes.


Blazing our own trail, the bracelet blank was sawed entirely by hand without a guide from 18 gauge sterling silver using a tapered cut measuring 1 in wide on the ends and 1.5 inches in the middle and joined to a mountain overlay that was also cut free form with a jewelry saw and features engraved details darkened with a pewter black patina to produce the grey shading, depth, and stylized elements of the mighty mountains. Shattering the silver tones with warmth, a deep orange 8 mm amber stone was set just above the saddle in the mountain peaks to interrupt the night with colorful lunar radiance.


To complete the design, a border was crafted as a sort of framing for the picturesque scene frozen in time before joining the elements together using sterling silver soldered and fusing with an acetylene torch. The bracelet was shaped over an ovular wooden mandrel by tapping with non-marking nylon mallets and brushed to reveal bright surface highlights.


Photographed in this listing is our 6 inch bracelet that will comfortably fit a medium sized wrist, however you can order your Moon over the Mountains bracelet in any size by simply noting your wrist or bracelet size in the check out notes. Since each bracelet is handmade with a personalized fit at the time of order, please don’t hesitate to request your own designs and custom themes.