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Arrowhead Necklace with Bear Paw in Rustic Hammered Sterling Silver

  • $8500

Melding an arrowhead, bear paw, and a rustic artisan sterling silver pendant in a harmonious artistic fusion of traditional tribal symbols representing the power of nature and spirit of the hunt, this arrowhead necklace also pays homage to timeless techniques in metalworking by incorporating a paw set in a shadowbox encompassed by hammered borders along with patina enhanced engravings. With this particular design, we sought to capture universal symbolism on a broader scale and bring the elements together to focus more on the art than any one particular meaning.

To create the bear paw in shadowbox technique, two arrowheads were sawed from an 18 gauge sterling silver sheet using a fine jewelry saw. By drilling pilot holes and feeding the fret saw blade through the holes, we were able to carefully out out a paw design in the outer arrowhead. Once fused together with silver solder and the magic touch of an acetylene torch, the paw cut out becomes an overlay where the application of the patina is actually darking the backing arrowhead, thereby producing the “shadow” effect. Hammering the outer arrowhead and engraving the backing arrowhead, completes the finer yet important details that tie together the two fused arrowheads.

The arrowhead pendant measures about 1.30 inches in length and hangs from a black leather cord with adjustable slip knots for lengthening or shortening the necklace. Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions. Thanks.. Nici