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Brass arrow on sterling silver tie bar

  • $4500

With an arrow sawed by hand from 20 gauge brass fused to sterling silver, this one of kind tie bar melds a warm golden glow with silver shine for beautiful artistic statement to dress up even the most drab tie. The tie bar was cut as a 3/8 inch wide flat band from 18 gauge sterling silver, formed by hand bending the sterling silver around a small cylinder to create the tie bar shape, and brass arrow joined to the front surface using sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch. To represent the fine details such as feathers, shaft, and tip, fine grooves were chased into the brass and darkened with a patina for contrast.

Measuring 2.1 inches long by 3/8 inch wide, the tie bar is large enough to add some pizazz to your tie without being too large, heavy, and shifting about when clipped in place. After filing the edges and polishing the surfaces to remove fire scale and bring out a soft radiant glow in both the brass and sterling silver, the tie bar was tumbled in fine walnut shell to create a smooth finish.

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