Brass blank guitar picks 20 gauge Qty 5 Play Ready

Ready to make some gorgeous noise with no finishing required, these beautiful 20 gauge brass guitar picks measure 1.22 inches long by 1.03 inches wide and are one of the most common shapes and sizes. Featuring thoroughly deburred and smooth edges with a directional matte finish topped off with our custom tumbling process, my brass picks have a smooth surface for a perfect glide or for making those stunning custom guitar picks.

The picks were designed by importing a variety of common pick styles into a cad program, taking the average geometry, and slightly tweaking them to perfection. The design was then transferred to a special steel flat stock, where the tongue was cut with a highly modified saw, and the guitar picks were pressed one at a time by hand to preserve the handmade nature of the product. As a handmade supply, these picks are as close to perfect as humanly possible, but are not milled, machined, or laser cut. Enjoy your blanks for playing, making jewelry, engraving, and stamping.

Custom orders are always welcome. Since we make our own dies and love working with metals, we can fulfill bulk and mass quantity orders for all sorts of custom shapes without ever sacrificing quality. Thanks.. Nici

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