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Carpe diem bronze bracelet to seize the day

Carpe diem bronze bracelet to seize the day

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►To personalize your Carpe Diem bracelet with words and text in place of or in addition to the Carpe Diem simply let us know your custom requests in the notes box at check out.

 ►Our production time on custom orders averages 1-5 business days during off peak times, however we gladly will try to accommodate rushed and same day order requests. If you place a rushed order or same day request, please contact us through a convo or give us a call, as orders can sometimes take a bit to show up on our “order page” and technology is a bit unruly from time to time.

 ► As shown, this bracelet ships in a stock 6.0 inch length to fit a medium wrist, however you can order your bracelet in any size by simply noting your preferences in the notes to seller box. If you are giving the bracelet as a gift and unsure of exact sizing, no worries, we can work with a qualifier such as small, medium, x-large, or petite lady.

 ► The bracelet measures 6 inches in length, 6mm wide, and 1.5mm thick for a perfect balance between a high quality design and fashionable sizing.

 ►For a more subtle personalized touch, the bracelet can be highly polished on the outside and stamped with survivor on the inside to maintain the grandeur of uninterrupted golden shine.

 ►The bracelet was formed by hammering the thick bronze over a wooden bracelet mandrel with a nylon mallet and the edges along with the end tabs were slightly rounded for comfort and a classy appearance before hand polishing the bracelet with a series of increasing grit polishing cloths.


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