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Do You Wanna Pluck? Bronze Guitar Pick

Do You Wanna Pluck? Bronze Guitar Pick

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custom work

This plucking amazing guitar pick was cut from 20 gauge bronze and stamped one letter at a time with wanna pluck? So that you can pluck really long and hard, the edges have been filed smooth by hand and surfaces polished. A pewter black patina was added to the lettering, stars, and flowers for contrast against the rich satin finish that brings out natural warm hues in the bronze. Whether your just starting out and looking for your first rough pluck or ready for an all night jam, this guitar pick will make a bold statement shining in the spotlight.

Measuring 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide, this guitar pick is similar in size to s standard plastic guitar pick. If you would like to add any customizations to this pick, please go right ahead and write your wishes in the notes seller section during check out.

You will want to pluck and pluck some more with this perfectly finished guitar pick. The 20 gauge bronze produces a pick in medium thickness and weight that is both agile and powerful with a unique sound that can only come from a metal pick. Since I produce my own blank picks, I can accept custom orders for any size, shape, thickness, or metal with your choice of design work to make you that perfect pick that will have you plucking all night long.


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