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Dainty Ruby Sterling Silver Twist Ring

  • $3500

Twisted in a silvery metallic glow, a 5 mm lab grown ruby beacons in searchlight pink as a bold statement on a dainty sterling silver ring. As an artisan twist that accentuates handmade, the custom 2 mm twisted sterling silver wire has also been carefully hammered flat to create intriguing flat surfaces between the curves.

Since our sterling silver twisted wire ring shanks are made entirely by hand from round, your dainty ruby ring can be ordered in any size, half size, or even quarter size by simply noting your ring size in the check out notes. Additionally, we welcome custom orders for any style ring shank with birthstones or gemstones.

After sizing the ring, the wire is worked into a round shape and ends soldered together using an acetylene torch. The semi-round ring shank is tapped over a metal ring mandrel with a non-marking nylon hammer to create a perfect ring shape before soldering the bezel cup. Once all elements are firmly attached, the ring is placed in mild acid bath to remove fire scale and excess silver filed smooth to produce the cleanest seams possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact or call our shop with any questions or special requests. Thanks.. Nici and RJ