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Fly like an arrow straight and true copper cuff bracelet or personalized Mantra

  • $1600

Fly like an arrow straight and true copper cuff bracelet or personalized Mantra

• Style: Copper Mantra Bracelet. Handmade and Stamped with emphasis on custom cut minimalistic modern polished copper, stackability, simplicity, and narrow for a sleek fit. Also available in wider cuffs, sterling silver, men’s sizes, and 14k gold

• Custom Options: Any Mantra, phrases, slogans, and saying stamped both on the inside and outside

• Sizing: 6 inches or personalized sizing by entering your requests in the check out notes

• Dimensions: ¼ inch (6.5 mm) wide by 1.4 mm thick (14 gauge)

• Material: High quality 14 gauge jewelry Copper from US Suppliers

• Finish: Mirror finish and Patina in the lettering

Custom and Personalized Orders

• Simply enter your stamping / engraving requests along with any personalized sizing requests in the check out notes and we will handcraft your bracelet with love.

• Messages and Text can also be engraved on the inside (double sided)

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici

Short Description: Completing our full range of styles, our modern minimalistic copper bracelets are cut one blank at a time from solid 14 gauge jewelry copper, hand-stamped with Fly like an Arrow Straight and True, and shaped to perfection over a wooden bracelet mandrel using a nylon hammer. Each bracelet is individually brought to a bright mirror finish by hand-polishing with a series of decreasing grit cloths. The end tabs are mildly rounded for a classy appearance and maximum comfort.