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Fuck Off Toe Ring in Bronze or 14k Gold

  • $1200

When it comes to flipping someone the bird or commanding the power of the middle finger, the toes often feel left out and lonely, so we crafted this fuck off bronze toe ring to bestow upon you toe the same mighty powers as your middle finger.

Available as shown in commercial 20 gauge bronze with a bright golden shine or as a timeless classic in 14k gold, this ring starts as a flat band of 20 gauge metal that is precisely cut in a comfortable 3mm width with a 45mm length on a precision shear with a sizing guide. While this is a standard size 3-4 toe ring that will comfortably fit a large range of toes, you may certainly request a custom size in the check out notes.

The fuck off was stamped one letter at a time by striking steel lettering rods with a hammer to create deep impressions in the sterling silver and a genuine patina was brushed into those deep grooves to darken the lettering for legibility and contrast. While the stamped band is still flat, the corners were rounded on a grinding wheel and edges filed smooth, before shaping the ring by hammering the flat band over a round steel ring mandrel. A 10,000 grit fine finish removes the scratches, excess patina, and reveals a warm golden glow.

Bronze is an alloy containing 90% copper as such bronze will tarnish much like copper and brass. Personally, we like the appearance of aged bronze and never have issues like discoloration of the skin, however living the deserts of the southwest with relatively low humidity certainly extends the time between polishing. If you live in a more humid environment or have concerns regarding tarnishing, then we can seal the ring with a wax coating, but eventually with frequent wear, you will need to either reapply a coating or polish the ring with a fine cloth.

14k gold does not tarnish or discolor and even after years of wearing around the pool, on beach, and spending time in the ocean, the ring will stay bright and shiny. Gold can also be polished to perfect mirror finish for an eye-catching fuck off. For current gold pricing, please contact me and I can create a custom listing.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici