Guitar Wall Hanger with Kokopelli Rocking out a magical Flute Solo for Inspiration

Rocking out a mad flute of mischievous inspiration, this guitar wall hanger features a custom cut large MDF Kokopelli mounted to a solid Pine Wood disc.

Our Disc Wall Hangers measure approximately 8 inches in diameter, ¾ inch thick, and ship with all hardware necessary for mounting on studs behind drywall or wood.

Carefully selected for quality, padding, US Manufacture, and compatibility, the String String Yoke was our top choice to cradle your guitar. Yokes designed specifically for violin, ukulele banjos, and other string instruments are available upon request. Each yoke is always threaded into a brass insert on the opposing side to ensure proper strength specifications required to safely hold your guitar.

We finish our design with tung oil in place of lacquers, varnishes, stains or urethanes in order to capture and preserve the natural wood tones while remaining as organic as possible.

Each Kokopelli is custom painted individually in our paint booth using enamels, spray guns, and sponges. Depending on color combinations, customers should expect some variation from display photos. Grains and textures in the wood also ensure no two wall hangers leave our studio looking the same.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requests.