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Hammered 14k solid gold anticlastic cuff bracelet with asymmetrical taper

  • $2,50000

With distorted rays reflected from the hammered honeycomb texture, this bronze anticlastic bracelet features a tapered bracelet arc for a modern asymmetrical design with anticlastic form to loose the eyes in a sea of gold illusionary radiance, shimmer, and shine.

The bracelet blank was cut from 20 gauge solid 14k gold with a metal shear in a trapezoidal shape with one parallel end measuring 1.25 inches and the other .5 inch to create the tapered effect. By pressing the flat band into contained neoprene with a CNC machined steel anticlastic mushroom die on a hydraulic press, the anticlastic (concave) shape was produced while simultaneously bending the metal into a bracelet arc. The pressing was repeated at ½ inch intervals with the bracelet shaping controlled by the amount of downward force combined with upward pressure from my thumbs. After forming the bracelet, the end tabs and edges were rounded and filed for a comfortable fit. Hammering planishes the surface thereby producing a natural glossy finish that was further enhanced by a combination of hand polishing with a series of extremely fine grit cloths.

Since this is a handmade bracelet, you can order the cuff with a personalized fit to accommodate any sized wrist by entering your wrist or bracelet size in the check out notes along with any other requests. I also offer this cuff bracelet in copper and 18 gauge sterling silver with a hammered finish, polish, or rustic steel wool buffed finish.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici