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Heart Stamped Sterling Silver Toe Ring for Spreading the Love

  • $2200

Handcrafted one ring at a time with an artisan tapered shape as a departure from the ordinary and uninspiring designs of mass production, this toe ring showcases the beautiful simplicity of an uninterrupted yellow golden glow blended with the elegance of a flowing geometry that invites the eyes to follow the form.

Measuring 5 mm in width, this toe ring features my own unique design that was cut a solid sheet of 18 gauge sterling silver. Each ring is finished with rounded and filed end tabs before forming over a steel ring mandrel by tapping to perfection using non-marking nylon hammer. While the toe ring is adjustable, you can order your ring with a personalized fit by noting your ring size or a physical description such as “small” in the check out notes.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions. Thanks.. Nici