Horse Bracelet Handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver – Reflections of an Artist’s Home Town in Horse Country, Cave Creek Arizona

Just beyond the sea of lights from the sprawling metropolis of Phoenix, moonlit nights still silloutte the outlines of the mountains beyond the desert hills in the small town of Cave Creek, AZ where the embrace of life in the Sonoran Desert melds with the love of horses and the pavement that links the vast fast paced network of high speed city life abruptly ends at intersections of nameless rugged rocky dirt roads lined with cacti and brush landscaped by wind and rain. The last stop on one such dirt road is a small earthen studio surrounded by horses and days that start with a symphony of squawking roosters.

Capturing a momentary snapshot of an artist’s life in the desert, this sterling silver bracelet was artistically crafted with hand-sawed horses as the defining symbols of the community and a Saguaro cactus that is universally recognized around the world as representing nature’s wonders in the harsh dry wild west. Handsawed from a 20 gauge sterling silver sheet as one contiguous overlay, the top “plate” includes the horses, border, and cactus sweat soldered to a 20 gauge sterling silver bracelet base with tapered ends for modern styling. Measuring 1 ½ inch at its widest, this bracelet was crafted in a 6.5 inch length to fit a medium sized wrist, however you can order your bracelet in any custom size by entering your wrist or preferred bracelet length in the check out notes.

After soldering the overlay to the base with sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch, fine details such as the shadow effects and grooved pattern on the cactus were darkened with a pewter black patina and heavily brushed to reveal most of the underlying sterling silver with just a hint of shading. To maximize comfort, the end tabs have been rounded and the flat band with soldered overlay was hammered into a perfect bracelet shape on a wooden bracelet mandrel to conform precisely to the contours of your wrist.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici