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I am Enough Inspirational Message Ring in Sterling Silver

  • $3800

Be your own best friend and be strong with this “I am enough” sterling silver inspirational wrap ring that lights up dark times with the refreshing brilliant radiance of polished 925 silver.

 ► As photographed, this wrap ring ships in a stock adjustable medium size that can accommodate many ring sizes, however as this is a handmade ring, you can order your ring in any size by simply noting your preferences in the checkout notes.

► Measuring about 5 mm average width and 1.25 mm thick, the ring balances a bold statement of solid sterling silver with a sleek modern design yet still bold enough to shoulder your powerful message.

►To personalize your I am enough ring with any stamping requests such as words, phrases, and numbers or other symbols, please enter your requests in the checkout notes.

►Custom orders and special requests are always welcome.

►The ring was formed by hammering the thick sterling silver over a wooden bracelet mandrel with a nylon mallet and the edges along with the end tabs were slightly rounded for comfort and a classy appearance before hand polishing the half round surface with a series of increasing grit polishing cloths.