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I Pick You Forever Sterling Silver Guitar Pick with Cutout Heart

I Pick You Forever Sterling Silver Guitar Pick with Cutout Heart

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Since love is as a timeless as music, we crafted this sterling silver guitar pick to rock out our own unique heart design melded with the phrase “I pick you forever” as a celebration of the fusion between the love of sound and the shared between two people. You can also request your personalized and custom touches by simply entering your requests in the check out notes.

Similar in geometry to many plastic guitar picks, our 18 gauge sterling silver pick features filed edges, polished surfaces, and one of a kind character that can only be captured by a handmade artisan crafted guitar pick. Adding to the allure, the heart cut out was produced using a pierce and cut technique with a fine fret saw.

Measuring 1.25 in long by 1.10 in wide, the pick has plenty of space for personalized touches or just a good solid grip when jamming all night long. Finishing includes both a basic brushed finish to expose the natural grain structure of the bronze for a slight shimmer under the spotlight followed by an intense directional buffing which creates a perfectly smooth surface for a slick glide across those metal guitar strings.


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