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Personalized Latitude Longitude Sterling Silver Ring Necklace

Personalized Latitude Longitude Sterling Silver Ring Necklace

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Personalized with your own latitude and longitude coordinates as a keepsake of a special place, this sterling silver coordinates ring features a black leather cord tied with slip knots for easy adjustment passed through a handmade and stamped ring to create a unique necklace that preserves a memory of an important location. A hammered honeycomb pattern opposite the coordinates blends the modern industrial styling of a perfect mirror finish around the coordinates with a timeless rustic technique to add intrigue while playing tricks with the light. To request your personalized coordinates, simply enter either your coordinates or the address in the notes to seller box at check out and we will customize your ring.

Following the same general dimensions as many of our finger rings, a flat bland of solid 18 gauge sterling silver was sheared 8mm wide, stamped by hammering a numbering kit to produce deep impressions before working the flat band into a semi round shape with a pliers, aligning the ends with great care and precision, joining the seams together using ductile sterling silver solder, and shaping to perfection with a nylon mallet. While rounding and filing the edges, the seam is also made nearly invisible by carefully filing smooth the soldered joint line.

In addition to the latitude longitude coordinates, the inside of the ring can also be stamped or engraved with a name or date. Some ideas for latitudes and longitudes might include a place where you met that special someone, were married, are celebrating an anniversary, or graduated school. Custom orders and special requests are always welcome

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