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Lightning bolt sterling silver guitar pick

Lightning bolt sterling silver guitar pick

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Electrifying and shocking with a handmade lightening bolt cut out, this guitar pick will add some real energy to your music, while the filed edges and burnished surfaces allow the pick to gracefully jump from string to string. The lightening bolt was produced by punching a small hole in the center, feeding a saw blade through the hole, and sawing out the shape.

Measuring 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide at the top and cut from thick 18 gauge sterling silver, this pick is my own unique design that is similar in size geometry and size to a standard plastic guitar. There is plenty of space to personalize your electric guitar pick on either side of the lightening bolt with initials, names, texts, or words. This pick can also be delivered in a mirror finish produced by tumbling the guitar pick in ceramic polishing media for about 7-10+ days. Such a finish is good for displays and some jewelry, but will be quickly ruined when used on your guitar strings.

Our picks do not ship with the black stand shown in the photos, however we do make custom and personalized guitar pick stands in all metals to match your guitar pick

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