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Love you binary code sterling silver ring

  • $7500

Blending art and geekery, this sterling silver ring wraps I love you around your finger in binary code. You can order your ring in any size by entering your ring size in the check out notes or use this listing to create your own personalized binary code message by using this translator:

Since the binary code is quite long, some of the code is carried onto the inside of the ring, thereby leaving little room to personalize the inside with anything more than just initials.

The ring measures a sleek 5 mm wide by 1.2 mm thick and was handmade by shearing a flat band of 16 gauge sterling silver, stamped one digit at a time with the binary code in a small 2mm typeset, and hammered over a steel ring mandrel to form the ring using a nylon mallet. To hide the seam, the ends were perfectly aligned and joined at the seam using an acetylene torch before meticulously filing and polishing until the joint until nearly invisible. The edges were rounded for maximum comfort, a patina brushed into the binary code, and the ring was both hand polished and tumbled to produce a near mirror finish.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici