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Massive Hammered Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Handcrafted to Impress Fans of Chunky Jewelry

  • $15000

Poles apart from dainty, this sterling silver cuff bracelet was handcrafted to impress fans of chunky jewelry with hammered borders and a natural brushed finish in the center emphasizing artisan styling for an appearance that clearly defies dainty, fragile, and flimsy. Measuring a full 2mm thick by ½ inch wide in 12 gauge sterling silver, the rustic hammered borders feature a very subtle patina blended with the unidirectional brushed burnish to produce a soft silver glow rich in highlights and texture.

As photographed, this bracelet will fit a 7 in wrist, however you can request a personalized fit by entering your bracelet or wrist size in the check out notes. The thick 12 gauge sterling silver in this larger width is not easily bent in order to make sizing adjustments, so we do recommend ordering the bracelet with a custom fit. Since each bracelet is handmade and customized at the time of order, you can also request a personalized engravings on both the outside and inside of the cuff.

To create such a massive sterling silver cuff, we use a special high leverage shear to precisely cut a flat strip from a sheet of 12 gauge sterling silver. The hammered texture is applied before forming the bracelet in small intervals by pressing in a manual cup shaped bender. Once we are satisfied with the general shape, the semi round bracelet is placed over a wooden mandrel and pounded with a non-marking nylon mallet into an exact anatomically correct and proportional bracelet. Finally the edges and tabs are rounded and filed by hand for a comfortable fit and finished classy appearance.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions. Thanks.. Nici