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Sterling Silver Dainty Half Round Bracelet with Handmade Native American Metal Stamps

Sterling Silver Dainty Half Round Bracelet with Handmade Native American Metal Stamps

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Blending the captivating allure of sterling silver in a half round shape and the rustic beauty of handmade Native American Line Stamps in a dainty design, this small dainty sterling silver half round bracelet represents a harmonious fusion of modern with timeless traditions in artisan crafting.

Adding to the uniqueness of this half round bracelet is the challenge of metal stamping on a curved surface which requires extra precision and a custom made blank holder. Obtained directly from a “Navajo” Metal Stamp Crafter, these unique metal stamps were carved by entirely by hand from rebar and railroad ties to imprint precious metals with geometrical design patterns rich in character and rustic flair.

Each single design element making up the pattern represents a single strike of the metal stamp with a hammer to create an impression deep in the flat sterling silver bracelet band. After completion of the imprinted design and the application of the patina, the band is shaped into a bracelet by tapping over a wooden mandrel using a nylon mallet. For maximum comfort and a classy appearance, the end tabs and edges have been rounded and filed smooth. To reveal the radiant silver shine with a high degree of reflectivity, the sterling silver has been polished to a mirror finish with a series of very fine cloths.

As photographed, this cuff bracelet measures 6 inches long, 5 mm wide, about 2.5 inch thick and can be ordered in any length for a personalized fit, by entering your wrist circumference or bracelet size in the check out notes


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