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Namaste Aluminum Cuff Bracelet for Celebrating the Divine Spark between Souls

  • $1800

Celebrating the “divine spark” between souls, this cuff bracelet was custom cut in thick 14 gauge aluminum and hand stamped one letter at a time with Namaste to inspire meditation and thought.

This bracelet measures 6 inches in length, 3/8 inch wide, and approximately 1.5mm thick to accommodate custom and personalized stamping on both sides of the bracelet without the concern of having the lettering punch through to the other side.

You can order your bracelet in any size by entering your wrist circumference or bracelet size in the check out notes along with any special requests such as a name, date, or short phrase that you wish to have stamped on the backside.

A pewter black patina was brushed to the Namaste for contrast against the matte silver glow of brush aluminum, while leaves have been added to both sides of the Namaste to emphasize the connection between “divine energy” and life on earth. To create the bracelet, we cut a 3/8 inch wide strip of aluminum on our metal shear, stamped the design and Namaste, and hammered the flat metal band on a wooden mandrel to form the perfect bracelet. A brushed finish ties the elements together with long interconnected brush strokes.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici