Pale Sky Blue Topaz Double Flower Sterling Silver Double Charm Necklace


Prominently casting a radiant silver glow with two distant ethereal pale sky blue beacons, this sterling silver necklace interconnects two unique handmade flowers in a harmonious fusion that bridges the flora and the heavens above. Entirely handcrafted, the necklace embraces a mix of dainty, elegance, unique artisan creativity, and nature themed jewelry to appeal to a large audience ranging from bridesmaids and wedding necklaces, new moms with each stone representing the birth month of each child, and just simple everyday casual wear.

Topaz is the birthstone representing the month of November, however the flowers can be personalized with your birthstone or even mixed with two different birthstones for family members such as sisters or sons and daughters. Since each charm pendant is made at the time of order, any birthstone or number of flowers can be custom ordered to complete the necklace to your specifications. For example, we can easily add another flower for a total of three and personalize each flower with a different gem or birthstone. The possibilities and combinations are nearly limitless. For some ideas regarding the birthstone and visual representations please visit:

January – Garnet – Reddish to deep red stone
February – Amethyst – Purple Stone
March – Aquamarine – Light blue stone
April – Diamond
May- Emerald – Middle Green
June – Alexandrite - Light blueish purple
July – The ruby
August – Peridot
September – Sapphire – Deep blue
October – Pink Tourmaline – Pink
November – Topaz – Dark orange yellow
December – Zircon – Middle to light sky blue

Each flower is first drawn ¾ inch diameter freehand by pencil on a sheet of solid 18 gauge sterling silver and then very carefully sawed from the sterling silver using a tiny fret saw with a 56 tri fine blade. The rough edges are filed smooth by hand and lines smoothed to follow the natural contours of a flower. A bezel cup is placed in the center of each flower, soldered in place using a hydroflux welder, and the 3mm blue topaz or other gemstone is set in the bezel cup. We generally favour full bezel cups as opposed to cradles and other settings as the full cups hold the stone firmly in place. The solid sterling silver link chain shown in the example photographs is available in 16 inches and 18 inches and is included with this necklace, however we are always more than happy to either make or custom order any style chain of your choosing.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici

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