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Personalized Copper Tie Clip for the 7th Anniversary or Custom Fashion Statements

  • $1200

Personalized with your own date, words or short phrases, this copper tie clip celebrates 7th anniversaries and custom fashion statements with the bright golden glow of a finely polished finished as the background to the hand-stamped messages. To request your own coordinates or a custom size to accommodate any sized tie, simply enter your requests in the check out notes.

As photographed, the tie clip measures 2.1 inches long by 5/16 inch wide and was custom cut in our workshop on a precision bench shear to fit an average tie, however we can shorten the tie clip to 1.8 inch for skinny ties or even extend the clip if you prefer very wide ties. Cut from 17 gauge copper as a flat band, the spring clip is formed by hand bending the brass strip around a small cylindrical piece of steel. The date or custom message is stamped in the metal by striking a steel numbering kit with a hammer to create the impressions. To darken the lettering for increased legibility, a black patina is brushed into the numbers before polishing to a mirror finish.

The tie clip can also be personalized on any of the four tie sides. To avoid any confusion while deciding on the tie clip sides, simply reference by tie bar diagram which has the sides numbered as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions. Thanks.. Nici