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Personalized Dainty Bar Necklace with Disc Charm in Sterling Silver

  • $3500

This sterling silver personalized bar necklace focuses on dainty and delicate yet still manages to make a big statement with the integration of handmade components handcrafted from solid 925 sterling silver and endless custom combinations. To personalize your bar necklace and disc charm, simply enter your requests in the check out notes.

The disc pendant measures ½ inch in diameter and was cut from 18 gauge sterling silver using a disc cutter and hydraulic press for a clean cut. Since this is a custom crafted necklace, we can change the sizing of the disc, stamp 3 letter monograms, or engrave and stamp the disc with many varied themes.

Since we absolutely despise flimsy, we cut the bar from 12 gauge sterling silver (2mm thick), 5mm long, and 1.25mm wide to retain the dainty emphasis, while crafting in just a touch of bolder styling by increasing the thickness far beyond factory produced blanks.

To stamp the letters and numbers, steel lettering kits are struck with a hammer to create deep impressions in the metal. A black patina is then brushed into the deep grooves to produce contrast between the sterling silver and lettering. The necklace ships with an 18 in sterling silver link chain.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici