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Pluck Buddy Guitar Pick in Copper

Pluck Buddy Guitar Pick in Copper

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For the single guitarist looking for that perfect pluck buddy or attending a music swap to pick up a guitar with benefits, this guitar pick is ready for you to pluck the night away one note at a time and make some beautiful sound.

Handcrafted from 17 gauge copper using our very own tungsten steel die, the guitar pick features hand filed edges, hand stamped “pluck buddy,” and measures 1.25 inches long by 1.15 inches wide which is a familiar geometry to many plastic guitar picks to ease the transition from your favorite plastic pick to this metal guitar pick.

This pick can also be personalized by entering your requests in the notes at checkout.

Our picks do not ship with the black stand shown in the photos, however we do make custom and personalized guitar pick stands in all metals to match your guitar pick

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