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Southwestern Rustic Mixed Metals Lizard Necklace

  • $12000

As a collage of artistically handcrafted lizards, this mixed metal necklace was intended to transcend any one particular theme to instead blend the natural colors of copper, bronze, and sterling silver in a rustic medley that serves a decorative function. Of course a wandering mind can interpret the lizard symbolism to represent agility, speed, good luck, good fortune, and endless other meanings from folklore, however from a crafting standpoint, we were primarily focused on a more prominent southwestern flair with an edgy artisan concentration.

► Measuring approximately 1.5 inch long, the copper backing plate was handsawed from 17 gauge hard copper and is similar in size to common necklaces without venturing into chunky or dainty.

►Matching the rustic theme, we have decided to include a black leather cord that can be adjusted in length with sliding slip knots.

►To personalize your guitar pick, simply let us know your custom stamping requests in the checkout notes. While space is limited, we can also modify the design to accommodate more engraving and stamping upon request.

►The sterling silver and brass lizards were soldered to the copper base using an acetylene torch before creating a smooth transition between the metals with a dark patina that also contributes dimension and shadow.