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Sterling silver feather bands ring set

Sterling silver feather bands ring set

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Sawed entirely by hand in the shape of a feather, this sterling silver feather wedding band set was handcrafted to join a couple together in honour and trust, while creating a unique fashion statement that embodies the joy of wearing a handmade piece with artistic spirit.

The ring design started as a 18 gauge (1mm) flat band that was carefully cut freehand in the shape of a feather using a very fine jewelry saw. Fine detail such as the barbs and hollow center shaft were chased into the flat bands, before forming the rings into a semi round shape with a pliers so that the ends perfectly align at a seam. Using sterling silver solder and an acetylene torch, the ends are permanently join together and the rings are shaped to perfection by hammering with nylon mallet on a steel ring mandrel. Through vigorous hand filing, the seam is smoothed until practically invisible and the edges of the ring are rounded for a comfortable fit. A patina is applied to grooves of the design and surfaces burnished with a bristle brush to reveal a vibrant silver glow. The inside of the rings can be stamped or engraved with a wedding date, names, or a few short words. As this is a custom fitted ring, be sure to enter your ring sizes in the check out notes before completing the order.

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