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Sterling silver flower ring - band ring - silver flowers -

Sterling silver flower ring - band ring - silver flowers -

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Offering a bit of swirl and flowing with a natural botanical theme, this sterling silver ring blends a floral pattern with prominent flowers in the foreground. Measuring 4mm in width, the ring can be worn alone or stacked with other floral rings to create a blooming silver garden.

Cast in solid pure 925 sterling silver, the swirling botanical patterned wire is custom cut to fit any ring size as a flat band and then soldered together at the seam. Using a Hydroflux welder that produces a very narrow flame with a point temperature of 5000 F, the seam is both fused and soldered together with sterling silver solder. By rigorously filing the seam, the joint line can be made smooth enough that the seam becomes almost indistinguishable from the surrounding sterling silver metal. Once soldered together, the ring is gently shaped over a round steel ring mandrel by tapping with a non-marking nylon mallet. A tellurium based patina was applied to the deep grooves in and around the swirls to enhance the depth while adding a bit more dimension to the pattern. The raised surfaces were then brushed to reveal bright silver highlights.

Since this is a fitted ring, you can order your ring in any custom size, by entering your ring size in the notes box at checkout.


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