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Sterling Silver Hibiscus Flower Patterned Ring with Antique Patina

  • $3000

Revered flower representing brightness and joy as well as the state flower of Hawaii, this sterling silver ring festures a Hibiscus flower pattern set off with an antique patina background to spread the joy of this beautiful flower while your finger basks in the rays of silver metallic. With a diameter of 4mm, this ring is perfect for stacking with other flower rings to create your own personalized botanical statement or wearing alone as an accent ring.

The pure solid 925 sterling silver wire was cast with the Hibiscus flower pattern, cut in the correct size, and ends soldered together at the seam. For smaller projects such as this sterling silver ring, we use a Hydroflux welder that produces a flame as no wider than a pencil tip yet offers a point temperature of 5000 F to both form a perfect solder joint and slightly fuse the metal together for an even stronger joint than we might otherwise achieve with Oxy-Acetylene. Using such a hot flame also reduces fire scale and contaminants. Having completed the ring, a tellurium based patina was applied to the flower pattern to produce a jet black background focus full attention on the flowers. The raised surfaces were then brushed to reveal the bright silver highlights with some shading to give a bit more of a three dimensional appearance.

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