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Sterling Silver Namaste Ring for Respect, Peace, and Yoga Power

  • $3500

►To order in any ring size, simply enter your ring size in the custom order notes along with any other special requests

►Measuring about 5 mm width and a sturdy 1.5 mm thick, the ring balances a bold statement of solid sterling silver with an eloquent greeting of both respect and peace.

►Since each ring is handmade from start to finish, every detail can be custom ordered including the choice of metals and gemstones, precious stones, or birthstones

►Custom orders and special requests are always welcome. Feel free to request other greetings, words, concepts, and ideas in place of the “namaste” by entering your requests in the custom orders box.

►The ring was formed by hammering the thick sterling silver over a metal ring mandrel with a nylon mallet and aligning the ends to form a seam that is then soldered together using an acetylene torch and sterling silver solder. After polishing and finishing, the seam disappears into the silver glow and the focus becomes the handstamped “namaste.” In order to bring out the lettering, a black patina is applied to the deep grooves thereby adding the contrast.