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Sterling silver Om guitar pick hammered pendant

  • $3500

Transforming that inner raw energy into inspiration for your soul and those deep groovy adventures in soundscapes, this guitar pick rocks out in 18 gauge sterling silver with an OM symbol that was stamped deep into this pick with a 3 lb hammer and surrounded by a hammered honeycomb texture to release a magic sparkle of the light. A pewter black patina further enhances the contrast between the OM and the shine of the burnished sterling silver. Hand-filed edges and smooth polished surfaces give this sterling silver pick a glide and sound that is pure zen to eyes and ears.

Measuring about 1.25 inches long by 1.15 inches wide at the top, the pick is similar in geometry to a standard guitar pick. Giving you even more options for different playing styles, a teardrop jazz pick, medium pick, or any custom shape are also available. The 1 mm thick sterling silver, provides a bright full tone while the extra thickness allows for stamping or personalizations such as names and initials on the backside without having the engraving and stamping marr the beautiful front-side. All of this pure magic hangs with class and style from a vegan friendly stainless steel ball chain, however for those voracious carnivores among us, we also offer this pendant in a black leather cord

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici