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Sterling Silver Grooved Patterned Ring Set

Sterling Silver Grooved Patterned Ring Set

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Synchronizing a couple in perfect harmony, this interlocking gear ring set features teeth patterns of both rings which fit together a turn with industrial precision. Patina darkened grooves enhance dimension while providing an aged antique appearance blended Steampunk styling and the inside of the rings can be stamped with initials or a wedding date to complete the design with a personalized touch.

Measuring 4mm wide, the pure solid sterling silver grooved wire was cast with the teeth pattern, cut in the correct size as a flat band, and then worked into a loose ring shape to align the ends at the seams. Using a Hydroflux welder that produces a flame no wider than a pencil tip with a point temperature of 5000 F to both solder and fuse the sterling silver along the seam, fire scale and contaminants are thereby reduced creating an even stronger bond.

These are fitted rings and can be custom fitted by entering your ring size in the notes box at checkout. If you are unsure of your ring size, we suggest being professionally measured by a jewelry as the grooved pattern and hardened sterling silver make this particular ring difficult to resize. Using a precision caliper it may be possible to measure the diameter of your finger and then multiply by Pi (3.14) to estimate your finger circumference.


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