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Sterling silver stud earrings with ankhs on bronze

  • $4000

Blending a radiant silver and gold glow with the Egyptian symbol of life, these ankh stud earrings were handmade by cutting two 13mm discs from 18 gauge sterling silver and two 8mm discs from 20 gauge bronze. The ankh symbol was stamped in the center of each bronze disc before soldering to the sterling silver discs with an acetylene torch. Since curvature enhances flat pieces by adding depth while light reflecting off the curve surface creates natural highlights, the soldered discs were domed on a dapping blocking. A grooved design along the circumference of the sterling silver disc was produced with a chasing tool and represents rays of light shining from the inner bronze disc to capture the essence and symbolism of the Ankhs as a key to life. A subtle accent patina was applied to the grooved design for added bold contrast. The final step was soldering sterling silver ear posts to the back of the domed discs and brushing the metal to remove excess solder, fire scale, and produce a satin finish with an ancient allure.

The earrings measure 13mm in diameter and are soldered to sterling silver hypoallergenic ear posts that do not contain lead, nickel, or other toxins. 

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