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Stud earrings featuring sun moon and star in sterling silver

  • $2895

With celestial inspiration, these sterling silver stud earrings were handmade to shine with a powerful sunburst, half moon, and star.

To create these stud earrings, two small 8mm (1/3 in) diameter discs were pressed from 18 gauge sterling silver with a disc cutter, stamped by hammering the celestial impressions one at a time and then shaped on a dapping block to create the domed form which reflects light to create naturally accented highlights while adding dimension to the stud earrings. The finished domes were joined to hypoallergenic studs with a hydrogen torch that produces a tip temperature of about 5000F and both fuses metal and melts stick solder to bond the studs to the domes. A dark patina was applied to the stamps before brushing the surfaces with heavy strokes to add a rustic handmade touch and artistic appeal.

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