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Synclastic artisan handcrafted copper cuff bracelets with snowflakes

  • $4500

Spreading the warmth of a soft copper glow on a snowy Winter's day, this massive copper cuff bracelet features a unique synclastic (convex) shape with snowflakes to create a three dimensional domed effect that reflects light into shimmering highlights and natural distortions to capture the feel of swirling snow.

The blank bracelet was cut as a flat band from 17 gauge (1.15 mm thick) copper, hammered on steel snowflake patterned block instead of rolled for a one of a kind texture and carefully formed into a synclastic shape by pressing a mushroom die on a hydraulic press into the flat copper band with contained neoprene underneath. While the copper band is being pressed downwards into the neoprene to produce the synclastic curve, the actual cuff bracelet shape is simultaneously formed through the pressure and completed by pushing the band upwards with my thumbs. The ends are rounded off with a smaller die that has less surface area, thereby increasing the working pressure.

The bracelet was then polished by hand and tumbled in walnut shell to produce a fantastic brilliant mirror finish. Measuring 1 inch wide and available in any length for a perfect custom fit, this cuff bracelet is sure make a classy accessory and add an artistic touch to any outfit and jewelry collection.

Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici