Teardrop wanna pluck guitar pick in aluminum


This unique teardrop guitar pick was designed using CAD to create a shape that emphasizes comfort and artistic contours in a perfect size for a variety of playing styles. The 18 gauge aluminum pick measures 1.21 inch long by .95 inch wide, is lightweight, and can make some very heavy beautiful noise, while the hand filed edges and polished surfaces ensure a gentle smooth glide over your strings. Stamped one letter at time in Acadian font as a special touch, the lettering was darkened with a pewter black patina for stunning contrast against the silver glow of the satin polished aluminum.

You can also personalize your tear drop guitar pick with any custom text, designs, symbols, or just a simple set of initials by entering your special requests in the personalized options or by sending me a contact message. Custom orders and special requests for guitar picks in any shape, style, and metal with your choice of designs are always welcome. Please don't hesitate to contact or call our shop at 575.737.8521 with questions or to discuss any custom requests. Thanks.. Nici

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Type: Guitar Pick