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Turquoise Dainty Sterling Silver Ring Set or Individual Rings

  • $6000

Handcrafted with sky blue of the endless Southwestern skies stretching to the furthest reaches of the silvery landscapes of the unique custom bands that feature a delicate star pattern representing the clear star filled nights and the hammered rippled texture for infinity rocky horizons as far as eyes can peer into mysterious unknown.


The bands are crafted in a 2.5 mm width to focus on dainty elegance, while the 5mm x 3mm genuine Sleepy Beauty Turquoise serves as the unmistakable focal point of the rings. These are fitted rings and can be ordered with a custom fitted by entering your ring size in the check out notes.


Each ring is individually shaped, stamped, and worked from our own custom cut 18 gauge 925 sterling silver wire that we cut in the correct size as a flat band, work into a loose ring shape to align the ends at the seams and solder using a Hydroflux welder that produces a flame no wider than a pencil tip with a point temperature of 5000 F to both solder and fuse the sterling silver along the seam, fire scale and contaminants are thereby reduced creating an even stronger bond. To avoid exposing the stones to any unnecessary damage during the ring making process, the turquoise stones are set in the brazed bezel cups as the final step.


Custom orders and special requests are always welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact or call us with any questions or to discuss your designs. Thanks.. Nici and RJ