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Bringing the Beads back to NiciArt

Once a very popular category in our shop, beaded bracelets and jewelry offer a timeless fashion appeal and enrich our collections with brightly coloured themes. While gemstones provide the stunning focal points for our metal jewelry, beading remains unmatched for adventures in theming with colour. Listing one new sterling silver, gold, or mixed metal jewelry product everyday in 2013, our Metal Challenge 360 consumed most our time and diverted attention away from our hemp and beaded jewelry to the point where we continued forward with only metal jewelry in 2014.

Although our plans included releasing a diverse offering of beaded bracelets and anklets by the close of 2014, an onslaught of orders in late Fall, ordinarily our slower period, derailed any promise of free time for creating or even taking a long overdue vacation. With the Fountain Hills Indian and Southwestern Crafts Market rapidly approaching on Jan 28th and Jan 29th, we are working overtime to create new products and build up our inventory. As beaded jewelry is incredibly popular here in New Mexico and Arizona, we are delight to unveil our latest collection of beaded bracelets and anklets for the Crafts Market and 2017 and our new Beaded Jewelry category.

A few Highlights in Beaded Bracelets and Anklets for January 2017


Tiger Eye and Jasper Beaded Gemstone Bracelet or Anklet

tiger eye and jasper beaded bracelet

Perhaps my personal favourite so far in our beading adventure, this bracelet focuses on the earthy tones of river rocks and embodies the colours of the mountains surrounding our home in Cave Creek, AZ


Beaded Gemstone Bracelet or Anklet with Snowflake Obsidian and Jasper


Jasper and Snowflake Obsidian

 Similar to our Tiger Eye and Jasper bracelet, this Snowflake Obsidian and Jasper bracelet borrows colours from our surrounding deserts in Cave Creek, while venturing a bit more towards the blues and greys.


Gemstone Beaded Bracelet with Green Jade and Tiger Eye


Green Jade Bracelet

Simply stated, no beaded jewelry collection can be remotely considered stylistically complete without including the timeless allure of Green Jade. From the mountains and rivers of China to the Highlands of South America, Jade has been revered for nearly 10,000 years and represents one of the earliest gemstone beads.

The last gemstone bracelet in our collection features the purples and blacks of the cosmos tied together with small silver coloured base metal beads for highlights.


Also new for this collection, we have used a pure white background and Nikon Speedlight for the photography. Up to this point, our backgrounds are usually wood or stone and are carefully chosen to create contrast between the metal jewelry while allowing us to utilize slow shutter speeds with minimal lighting to reduce reflectivity. Photographing the beaded jewelry is particularly fun as we can be aggressive with neutral white lighting to create product photos that concentrate on revealing colouring and even reflectivity as a characteristic of an individual stone without diminished detail. The final photos require minor adjustments with just the curves tool and white balance with no further editing.

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