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Crafting with Social Media and the Customer

Posted by RJ Laskin on

Some of our best selling products have evolved through suggestions from our customers and social media which is why I always recommend that every boutique crafter listen very closely to suggestions from shop visitors and become and active participant in their sharing sites. Social media is not just a tool for improving Domain Authority, Trust, or plastering products on a wall with the hopes shoppers flood your store. Instead social media should become a learning experience with two way communication and human to human interaction. Cyberspace is an extension of your three-dimensional world rather than an abstract addition. Having been active in Etsy for 7 years, we have seen a dichotomy arise between die hard artists, who refuse all suggestions and purposely buck trends for the sake of arguing "uniqueness" while others open up shop and proudly flaunt their abilities to copy and regurgitate the front page of Etsy with almost mechanical precision. One of our best sellers this year is our Sterling Silver Mountains and Amber Harvest Moon Bracelet that is the product of customer input and yet still crafted as a unique one of a kind bracelet. The original bracelet niciart_cityscape_silver_artisan_cuff_bracelet_3 was crafted during the Metal Challenge 360 back in the summer of 2013, when we tried to craft one new item every day and then share that item on Imgur with our followers. With this first edition bracelet, our followers liked the mountains, but wanted to see the brass sun really pop to the foreground. Pulling the suggestions together, we were still able to craft a bracelet that was our own unique work, yet incorporated community based suggestions to create a truly fantastic bracelet: niciart_sterling_silver_mountains_and_amber_bracelet_2 As the holiday rush is well underway, crafting with social media as propelled this bracelet to the front of our best seller list on Amazon Handmade. While Etsy is flooded with name bracelets and every possible stamped derivative thereof, our customers this holiday season have been requesting dainty sterling silver name bracelets. Listening to our customers requests, we crafted a Sterling Silver Initials Bracelet directly in the midst of the Cyber Monday madness: niciart_silver_initials_bracelet_0 On this bracelet, we took a common request for an item that is readily found in any Etsy Search and spruced up the design by stamping the initials on a much thicker 12 gauge sterling silver blank to incorporate a trendy theme with a high quality jewelry. In this example, both the handmade crafter and customer can come together with their respective ideas and cooperate closely to create a product that suits both parties.

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