Ending 2016 on the Wet Side

Ending 2016 on the Wet Side

Rain in Arizona is often a news worthy rarity and novelty for photographers to capture those rare rainbows or beautiful moments of white water roaring through the dry desert arroyos. When planning an Art Market, no one ever expects a cancellation due to weather, so to have our first market of the new year cancelled was indeed a surprise.

desert rain

The trouble began in our driveway where I managed to get our Ram Truck stuck in the wet sand and had to switch over to 4 wheel drive to even make it down to the street. As the day progressed, the rain only intensified and temperature continued to drop into the 40s. My hope of setting up a guitar and amp on location were doused by horizontal rain, so we ended up with a rather unimpressive tent where a few key items were displayed to those willing to brave the nasty weather.

nici's stand

Through the teeth chattering cold, Nici did maintain a smile until being sidelined with a cough and bit of fever. On the brighter side, we did manage to pack up our tent in about 10 minutes when the heavier rain arrived in the afternoon hours. Some hot tea and Persian Soup at Pars Persian in Scottsdale made for an enjoyable New Year's Eve and gave the feet a chance to thaw. These sort of moments almost never lead to disappointment or defeat, rather they simply inspire us to sign up for next market. In spite of the weather, having the opportunity to interact with customers in a market setting was a greatly appreciated break from being locked away in the studio filling on-line orders and we are looking forward to seeing many more markets in 2017.

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